I Tried a Silicone Toothbrush

The Foreo Issa Mini 2 Toothbrush to be exact.  Silicone is one of my favorite materials for skin and oral care right now.  I love how easy it is to clean, how long it lasts and it’s waterproof.  And of course, recently, my Phillips Sonic Toothbrush died… Right after the warranty ran out.  It was time for a change.

If you read my previous post where I reviewed the Luna Foreo FOFO you’ll know that was my entrance into the Foreo brand.  While browsing their site I noticed that they also had silicone toothbrushes, so with a 20% off coupon in hand I thought it might be worth a try.

There are a few different brush designs and colors to choose from on their site.   The Issa 2 that is marketed towards adults (Millennials, if you ask me) and the Issa Mini 2 that is marketed towards children or those with small mouths.  However, to me, the Issa Mini 2 screamed to me that it had a cheaper price and offered my favorite shade of yellow.

I’ll name a couple differences between the Issa 2 and the Issa Mini 2 in my review, but just keep in mind that some of the features I mention are specific to the Issa Mini 2.  Now let’s get to reviewing!

Long battery life between charges: “ISSA mini 2 puts the power of improved pulsations into a combination brush head sonic toothbrush and a 265 day charge that can keep up with the busiest schedules!”  This has yet to be tested, but as someone who has used an electric toothbrush for 10+ years I can say that I’m already impressed with both the time to full charge and the battery life.  It used to drive me crazy how long it took my Phillips Sonic brush to charge, 12+ hours!

Sonic Pulse Technology: After my first brush I could already feel the difference between using a standard manual toothbrush and the Issa Mini 2. My teeth felt sparkling and my tongue plaque free and fresh.  Comparing it to other top of of the line brushes it might fall a bit short, the Issa Mini doesn’t give you the option for increasing the pulse intensity like the bigger version, but it’s certainly more quiet which is a major plus.  Nothing was more awkward than brushing my teeth in the dorm with my standard electric brush and people popping their heads into the communal bathroom to see what that suspicious noise was…   That woudln’t be a concern with the Issa Mini 2; you can barely hear it!


Long Lasting & More Hygienic Brush Heads: The Hybrid brush head that comes with the toothbrush can last up to six months!  If you decide to go for the all silicone brush it can last up to a year!  This definitely beats out the standard electric toothbrush. Those heads barely last three months and are super expensive to replace.  Issa Mini 2 wins here, hands down!  There’s also a little extra bristle going on to the neck of the brush that’s great for brushing your tongue.


The Design:  It’s much easier to hold on to than a standard toothbrush, electric or manual and looks great while you hold it.  Now I made my choices, so I can’t complain, but if you have big hands you may find there’s not quite as much to hold onto as you might like with the Issa Mini 2.  However, all in all it’s not a bad size for an adult.  I have large hands, but after some adjustment in grip the small size of the Issa Mini 2 hasn’t been a problem.

In Conclusion:

Pros: Fast charge time and long battery life.  Fun colors and non slip grip.  Brush heads that last a long long while and are super hygienic at the same time.  Awesome for tongue cleaning.  Vibrations to remind you to switch sides of your mouth and make sure you get in the recommended brushing time (the mini even frowns at you when you cut brushing short or smiles and lights up when you hit the recommended time).


Cons:  The price, even though the battery life and brush head replacement cycle are unreal the price still seems a bit too steep.  However, with the right coupon I think the value is definitely there.  Brush head size, with the mini this wasn’t a problem, but I can only imagine how big the brush head on the full size Issa 2 must be.  Processing time before shipping, they have a couple different ways to pay.  I decided to use Amazon Pay and had to confirm my order with a screenshot of the confirmation email.  The approval didn’t take long but it took a day to get that email and a day after that for my order to say shipped.  In a world of 2 day shipping (including processing time), it seemed to take eons for my brush to arrive.


All in all I give the Issa Mini 2 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend.  The brush works great; I certainly expect it to much outlive the warranty.  This isn’t an endorsed post (Foreo, please love me, lol), so I don’t have some nifty personal promo code to share, but I do have something for you.  You’ll be seeing another post about this soon, but I can’t recommend the browser add-in Honey enough.  Honey scans the inner-webs to find you the best deal and promo code.  Below is a screenshot of the code it found me and how much it would have save me on a Foreo Issa 2.  Give Honey a try!

Foreo Coupon

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