One Project a Week: Will I Succeed?

You ever feel like you have too much fabric?  If you’re a sewist, that’s very much a rhetorical question.  What’s the fun of having a hobby if you’re not doing the absolute most and living your best life?  Plus, you never know when you might need two yards of that green and white gingham print knit!

Anyways, my excessive stash is what’s led me to my decision to challenge myself.  The holiday season is coming up too, so I figure this is the perfect time to give sewing from my harvest a chance.  Each week leading up to Christmas I am going to complete one sewing project a week, using only fabric from my plentiful stash.

Now at this point you may be reading this blog and thinking, “This sounds like a fun challenge!  But can she do it?!?”  Honestly, I’m asking myself the same, but really looking forward to the fun that is to be had.  I can finally get around to making those bags and things I keep meaning to make for myself, plus I can make some interesting handmade Christmas gifts!

The other result of this I’m looking forward to with this is curbing my shopping addiction.  I love to shop for bags and I love to go to Joanns.  If you follow along on my Instagram (@sewstrawberrysweet), you’ll know that my recent move means I am now within walking distance of a JoAnn Fabrics.  So close in fact, that the other day I realized I still have a bit of a WiFi signal from my apartment!  The temptation is high to be at JoAnn’s every second of the day.  Working from my stash will give me chance to use all the fabric that I bought without a purpose in mind.

I have also been feeling like I’ve hit a low motivation point in my sewing journey lately.  I was going really strong there for awhile, even amid moving cross country to the South.  I think focusing on some new projects should help give a jump start to my motivation!

I’m sure by this point, you’re wondering just what I’ll be sewing; that’s where I need your help.  Starting this Monday, I will be posting pictures on my Instagram of my fabric along with project options and asking for your help in deciding what projects would be best.  Think you’re up to the task?  I sure hope so.  I can’t do it without you!

I’ll leave my Next to Sew Pinterest board below ,that I have been adding to for just about the last billion years.  Let me know in the comments what projects you want to see come to life with my own personal flare.  Or even better, let me know if you’re in for the challenge!  Just use the hashtag: #SSS7in7challenge

Stay Sweet Sweeties!

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