How I Started Sewing

Bear with me, Sweeties, because it’s been a while. But today I’m going to tell you how I got started sewing…

I think I started around 8 years old. It’s funny how as you get older you may still remember things from years ago, but time has a way of messing up the timeline in your head.

However, my earliest memory of sewing is my mom getting me one of those little sewing machines that are meant for little kids (me). I loved that thing! It was super loud and so tiny, but for 9 year old me, it was everything. I used to take it with me to the summer camp (daycare, lol) I went to that was inside a woman’s house. Me moms coworkers daughter and I along with some others there, would spend the day sewing. I honestly can’t remember anything I made, but it was tons of fun.

Sometime after this I went to “Camp Mary,” my Aunt Marys house for the summer and enrolled in a week long (?) sewing camp with another girl my age (around 12) from my Aunt’s church. I had so much fun that week making a beach bag, cup coozie and other beginner items. To this day I credit that beach bag for inspiring me to get really serious into sewing and even start creating my own patterns.

A little while later my mom let me use her old sewing machine. It was a beautiful old Singer. We had some good times together, that machine and I, until one day I was sewing and it broke! I still feel guilty, but it’s hard to say if it was me or the machine was old… Luckily my mom wasn’t too mad.

My mom mustn’t have totally given up on my sewing because that Christmas she gifted me a Brother Project Runway sewing machine that had so many stitch choices I didn’t know what to do with them. Sometime after this I took a Home EC class at school with one of my friends. I think that class is the reason I still don’t like making clothes. Ugh!

Sometime after that, circa 2013, I entered the dark times of my sewing hobby. A friend of my brother asked me to do a sewing job for him that seemed simple enough, but OMG it was not. He sent me about 20 ties and asked me to turn them into bow ties. Simple. Not! I’ve always had sewing talent, but this project tested me. Not to mention my procrastination, which I recently realized was my anxiety taking form (can’t mess it up if you don’t start, right? Not!)

What seemed simple enough at first got so stressful and complicated. I made a few prototypes to start and asked for the requesters approval. He had many requests. One of which, was to make sure the design of the tie was horizontal so it wasn’t turned on it’s side when it came time to tie. Maybe it wasn’t impossible, but it was impossible for me. There’s only so much fabric to work with when you’re taking a necktie apart, not to mention the fabric constraints and working with the bias.

Honestly I’m nauseous just remembering the disastrous saga that was the bow tie project. I’m embarrassed to say it took me a year to finish. And oh boy was the guy heated. I was too far into the project to stop and too far from finished to find it worth it. Long story short. I did it! I even still got paid too. Check out the pics. I may be embarrassed of the journey, but the final product is definitely something I can be proud of!

The Before

Anyways, I was downtrodden for a while. During that whole year with the bow tie project I found myself unable to sew anything else knowing I had that huge project looming over my head. Ugh, but with the completion of that project came inspiration to really start sewing.

I’ve never been a real beach person. Like the beach is awesome, but it’s not really my thing. However, I do enjoy time spent outdoors and the fashion that comes with going to the beach. This inspired me to create a pattern for a beach bag and make my own.

Of course this meant I had to head straight to Pinterest. I love Pinterest and Pinterest loves me, haha. The great database that Pinterest is inspired me to get creative with the fabrics I chose.

Burlap is an awesome fabric. It’s seems so boring and rough at first. But you can really make a bag stand out using it. I have the very first beach bag I made using burlap and duck cloth somewhere… Here’s some low quality pics for your enjoyment. Ignore the mistakes. Just kidding, they made me the BA sewist I am today. *flips hair*

The burlap accented beach bag led to the tote bags I started to make that use the same idea of wide burlap ribbon with a duck cloth binding. Here’s one I made one of my aunts.

I love these bags! I left a gap where the strap crosses over the burlap so you can stick your sunglasses through.

Well, it’s been fun taking a look back at my sewing journey with you Sweeties! There’s certainly more I could say. But I’ll leave that for another post. This one was about how I got started sewing after all and I’ve already taken you through my first ten years of sewing.

Hope you enjoyed reading how I got started sewing. Leave a comment and let me know how you got started sewing or if you don’t sew, what you’d like to see me make next!

I Tried a Silicone Toothbrush

The Foreo Issa Mini 2 Toothbrush to be exact.  Silicone is one of my favorite materials for skin and oral care right now.  I love how easy it is to clean, how long it lasts and it’s waterproof.  And of course, recently, my Phillips Sonic Toothbrush died… Right after the warranty ran out.  It was time for a change.

If you read my previous post where I reviewed the Luna Foreo FOFO you’ll know that was my entrance into the Foreo brand.  While browsing their site I noticed that they also had silicone toothbrushes, so with a 20% off coupon in hand I thought it might be worth a try.

There are a few different brush designs and colors to choose from on their site.   The Issa 2 that is marketed towards adults (Millennials, if you ask me) and the Issa Mini 2 that is marketed towards children or those with small mouths.  However, to me, the Issa Mini 2 screamed to me that it had a cheaper price and offered my favorite shade of yellow.

I’ll name a couple differences between the Issa 2 and the Issa Mini 2 in my review, but just keep in mind that some of the features I mention are specific to the Issa Mini 2.  Now let’s get to reviewing!

Long battery life between charges: “ISSA mini 2 puts the power of improved pulsations into a combination brush head sonic toothbrush and a 265 day charge that can keep up with the busiest schedules!”  This has yet to be tested, but as someone who has used an electric toothbrush for 10+ years I can say that I’m already impressed with both the time to full charge and the battery life.  It used to drive me crazy how long it took my Phillips Sonic brush to charge, 12+ hours!

Sonic Pulse Technology: After my first brush I could already feel the difference between using a standard manual toothbrush and the Issa Mini 2. My teeth felt sparkling and my tongue plaque free and fresh.  Comparing it to other top of of the line brushes it might fall a bit short, the Issa Mini doesn’t give you the option for increasing the pulse intensity like the bigger version, but it’s certainly more quiet which is a major plus.  Nothing was more awkward than brushing my teeth in the dorm with my standard electric brush and people popping their heads into the communal bathroom to see what that suspicious noise was…   That woudln’t be a concern with the Issa Mini 2; you can barely hear it!


Long Lasting & More Hygienic Brush Heads: The Hybrid brush head that comes with the toothbrush can last up to six months!  If you decide to go for the all silicone brush it can last up to a year!  This definitely beats out the standard electric toothbrush. Those heads barely last three months and are super expensive to replace.  Issa Mini 2 wins here, hands down!  There’s also a little extra bristle going on to the neck of the brush that’s great for brushing your tongue.


The Design:  It’s much easier to hold on to than a standard toothbrush, electric or manual and looks great while you hold it.  Now I made my choices, so I can’t complain, but if you have big hands you may find there’s not quite as much to hold onto as you might like with the Issa Mini 2.  However, all in all it’s not a bad size for an adult.  I have large hands, but after some adjustment in grip the small size of the Issa Mini 2 hasn’t been a problem.

In Conclusion:

Pros: Fast charge time and long battery life.  Fun colors and non slip grip.  Brush heads that last a long long while and are super hygienic at the same time.  Awesome for tongue cleaning.  Vibrations to remind you to switch sides of your mouth and make sure you get in the recommended brushing time (the mini even frowns at you when you cut brushing short or smiles and lights up when you hit the recommended time).


Cons:  The price, even though the battery life and brush head replacement cycle are unreal the price still seems a bit too steep.  However, with the right coupon I think the value is definitely there.  Brush head size, with the mini this wasn’t a problem, but I can only imagine how big the brush head on the full size Issa 2 must be.  Processing time before shipping, they have a couple different ways to pay.  I decided to use Amazon Pay and had to confirm my order with a screenshot of the confirmation email.  The approval didn’t take long but it took a day to get that email and a day after that for my order to say shipped.  In a world of 2 day shipping (including processing time), it seemed to take eons for my brush to arrive.


All in all I give the Issa Mini 2 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend.  The brush works great; I certainly expect it to much outlive the warranty.  This isn’t an endorsed post (Foreo, please love me, lol), so I don’t have some nifty personal promo code to share, but I do have something for you.  You’ll be seeing another post about this soon, but I can’t recommend the browser add-in Honey enough.  Honey scans the inner-webs to find you the best deal and promo code.  Below is a screenshot of the code it found me and how much it would have save me on a Foreo Issa 2.  Give Honey a try!

Foreo Coupon

My Sewing Bucket List

Every sewist, or anyone that does any kind of DIY, needs a Sewing Bucket List! Creating a Sewing Bucket List has been on my, well, bucket list, forever.  So here is the day!  I bring to you, Sweeties, my Sewing Bucket List!

I’ll put the list here, but if you want to see what is my inspiration for completing this list go see the Pinterest board I’ve linked to this blog post.  I may have colored outside the lines a bit as the list includes sewing, embroidery and related DIY projects.  Sew here’s my list…

  • An avocado backpack
  • Guitar shaped backpack
  • Convertible backpack purse (can you tell I love backpacks?)
  • An applique tote bag
  • An embroidered wool cape
  • A tote bag with wood handles
  • A rolling tote for my Designer Ruby Royale
  • A full skirt winter coat
  • The ultimate sewing table (check out the My Creations page on my website for my current sewing table)
  • LBD (Little Black Dress)
  • A high-waisted swimsuit
  • An ombre quilt
  • A high neck, low cut back wedding dress
  • Festive Applique Fabric Banner

Be sure to follow my Pinterest board to see what else I add to the list!  Let me know in the comments what’s on your Sewing Bucket List.


I Made Travel Themed Luggage Tags!

Look at me go! Almost a month in and I am absolutely loving my Designer Ruby Royale Sewing/Embroidery machine. It was made with the sewist at heart and it showed on my latest project! Be on the lookout for a comprehensive video and blog review of the machine soon.

Anyways, my machine is awesome and I’ve been feeling inspired to try new things! I’ve always wanted to do an in hoop design, all or most of what you are making is created in the hoop, I just never got around to it. It just still seemed too complicated. Boy was I wrong. In the hoop embroidery is the stuff!

I decided to make travel themed luggage tags, because they’re the perfect gift for my friend who’s retiring and vacationing in Paris. Not to mention they go hand and hand with the big launch I have been working towards for my Etsy shop.

I downloaded the designs from Embroidery Library’s website. You can download the luggage tags here. They can be purchased separately or in a design pack.

They fit in a 4 by 4 hoop if you leave the design as is. I decided to make mine a little bigger, so a business card would fit. However, don’t fret if you decide to keep them as is; there’s a link they give you to contact card printouts that we’re made for the tags.

I used my Brother Scan and Cut to cut the fabric for the project. Highly recommend! This made the already simple in the hoop project ten times easier. Then I just followed along with the detailed instructions and watched the magic happen. It’s like appliqué on steroids!

For extra depth be sure to go over the final design elements more than once. If you want the appearance of even more depth pick a slightly lighter shade the second run over the design. It really makes the design pop!

The whole design only took about 15-20 minutes to complete when I had all the materials prepped and ready to go. My machine even allowed me to add an eyelet hole right on screen on the design, so I didn’t even have to use any metal hardware. How cool is that?!?

Pictures are below. Let me know what you think. I’m pretty sure once you take a look you’ll have the travel bug. Do not fear! My tags will be here in my Etsy shop. Stay tuned and remember… Not all who wander are lost.

As Promised… My Skin Care Routine!

Good Evening, Sweeties!  Thought I would post the sweet deets on my skin care routine just in time for bedtime.

Disclaimer: Some of the products and tips I mention in this post are geared towards those with oily skin (like me), but there is definitely something for everyone!  Keep reading.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, lets talk what I have found helps me before washing and throughout the day.  Oily face + glasses = I can’t even… keep my glasses properly situated on my face.  The solution?  I always keep those little alcohol wipes on me and use them to clean the glasses’ arms and the parts of the frames that touch my brow area and nose at least once a day.  On hot days I might even do this twice a day.  I haven’t found this to harm my frames at all, but if you’re worried you could always substitute apple cider vinegar!

Speaking of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) it plays the biggest role in my skin care routine.  I found some great recipes on Pinterest for an ACV toner, but gave them my own little spin.  The best part is you really on need 3 ingredients to make it (or five if you’re feeling adventurous).  ACV has tons of health benefits which make it a great natural toner for the face.  It can help balance the pH of the skin, break up bonds between dead skin cells (exfoliate), lighten sun and age spots, improve acne and scars, remove excess oil and is very affordable.  All of this makes it a winner in my opinion!

So, the toner.  First, grab yourself a mason jar and some cotton rounds (cotton balls will work too). If your skin is not really sensitive at all and oily like mine, the recipe is this: one part apple cider vinegar (with the “mother” in it), one part water and 3 drops lavender essential oil.  If you have sensitive skin the recipe is this: two parts water, one part apple cider vinegar (with the “mother” in it) and 3 drops essential oil.  For the adventurous you can add two drops of vitamin E oil and two drops of tea tree oil for extra skin nourishment.  Throw all that in the mason jar and give it a good shake.

You’re all ready to go!  I like to dip half the cotton round in the jar, then fold it down the middle and gently press the side together to disperse the ACV toner through the whole cotton round.  I then gently swipe it over my face starting with my cheeks, moving to my forehead and then making sure I give the area between my eyebrows and nose extra attention as those are the areas my glasses like to mess with.

However!  Before using this awesome toner you are going to want to wash your face.  I like to use a silicone pad or my new Luna FOREO Fofo (see my review in my last post).  Honestly though, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles the FOREO Fofo has to offer a silicone pad like the one I bought here, will do.  Plus, it’s great for travel.  I love silicone pads with bristles for washing my face, because they are super hygienic and really exfoliate my skin without being too harsh.

Now the soap.  I love to use Dr. Bronner’s soap.  It’s the best multi-purpose soap that money can buy.  I love the citrus scent, but any scent of your choosing should produce the same results.  The soap is pretty concentrated and a little will take you a long way, so I recommend filling an empty bottle a little more than half way and adding some water to dilute it.

Lastly, after all this magic has happened I moisturize.  My new favorite is this absolutely awesome Tea Tree Oil Face Cream that I found on Amazon.  This stuff is amazing!  It’s made for oily acne prone skin and does a great job of reducing redness, getting rid of blackheads and of course, moisturizing.   The one thing here I will say that it can be a little heavy in the summer at times.  If you find this to be true I would mix it with a light natural moisturizer.  This isn’t to say it feels heavy or sticky on the skin though; after using it my skin feels smooth to the touch and ultra moisturized.   If you have been known to get your sweat on, mixing it with a lighter moisturizer might be the way to go for warmer weather.

Let’s recap, here is a quick run through of my morning and evening skin routine:

  1. Either rub a little Dr Bronner’s and water on your face or throw the diluted mix right on the silicone brush.  Take your time to hit all the zones on your face with special attention to those problem areas.  Rinse and pat dry.
  2. Let your skin fully dry before dipping the cotton pad in the ACV toner and swiping over your face.  Once again paying attention to the problem areas.
  3. Let your skin dry fully and then take a pea sized amount of the Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer and rub into your face.
  4. Repeat these steps day and night and you are well on your way to better skin!

Give this a try and let me know what you think, Sweeties!  Comments are sweet and follows are sweeter.  Until next time… Stay sweet!

I Signed Up for a #FabFitFun Annual Membership

Anyone else drowning in advertisements on the socials for FabFitFun or do they just know their demo? I was only two flashy reviews in and they had me. What is FabFitFun you ask? Well, it’s just as it sounds. A quarterly subscription box to fabulous items for beauty, home, general fun and fitness! All for $49.99/quarter or $179.99/year. Since it’s quarterly the items are all full size. See the box below! Summer fun!

If I’m bias? This is the reason 😂 #🍓

But did it live up to the hype? I think so! The major draw with the (sold out) summer box was the Luna FOREO Fofo that bragged it used tiny sensors to sense your skin type and give you personalized skin tips (including skin age) through connection to the FOREO app. I was pretty excited about this, because I already use a silicone pad with bristles to wash my face. Highly recommend, btw, but more on my skin routine later. 🙈

So there it is! The coveted Luna FOREO Fofo (what a name!). You can see it’s about palm size. On one side you have the silicone bristles that you see there in the photos and on the other side is the power button and two little silver sensors for awkwardly touching to your face. Fun!

Right out of the box I was eager to give it a try, especially since it was mid-day and my face was no doubt at its oiliest. Hello, combination skin. Who knew a person could have both dry and oily skin all at once?!? Anyways. I took it out of the package and installed the FOREO app on my iPhone. Once installed you set up an account, tell it your age, how your skin reacts to the sun and your skin type. That was the part that made me wary. If I’m telling you I have combination skin, are the sensors really doing anything?

Anyways, then you follow the steps in the app that lead you through pairing the device and then moving the sensors on the back of the device from one cheek to the other then your forehead and finally your nose. I found the nose to be a bit awkward. There’s not a whole lot of flat space there to reach both sensors at once. After some adjusting, so it sat sideways on my nose, I got the confirmation the data was recorded.

It was interesting to see my skin age; it matched my real age. I again, found this suspicious as I had told the app that information… But I’ll take it. At least it didn’t say I had skin of a ninety year old at my young age. What a relief!

Next it says it saved your info and is ready for you to wash your face. I got my hands wet and rubbed on some soap (I highly recommend Dr. Bronners, but again more on my skin care routine later.) Then you hold the power button on until the device begins to vibrate. On screen, in the app, there is a visual that shows you the order to wash your face zones and the device changes vibrations to signal you to move to the next area. Awesome!

All and all I thought it was a great experience and I’ll definitely integrate the little guy into my skin care routine; though I’m not sure if it was not included in the box if I would have forked up the dough myself. However, if it really is doing all it says, I’d argue it’s a pretty great value in the box or purchased separately.

The verdict? Luna FOREO Fofo: 8/10

Okay! Next up and I promise the remainder of this review of the FabFitFun box won’t be so detailed.

Coola Sport Classic Suncreen – SPF 50. Full disclosure I have yet to use this in the sun. 🙈 Never been much to use sunscreen with my skin tone and if I do it’s usually a lower SPF. However, as far as value for the price ($34 on Amazon – almost the cost of the whole box), size and skin feel goes: I vote 9/10

Next up. Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. Smells awesome! Not too overpowering and has a light feel on the skin too. I’m currently using some as I write this review. As far as a value rating I give Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel a 10/10. Feels great on the skin and can be bought on Amazon for around $15. So I’m not mad at it. 😉

Next. The Aromatherapy Associates Muscle Gel. Gonna be honest. Used this right out the box. I had just come home from work and my shoulder was tense. This bad boy both smells so good (essential oils, is that you?) and had my shoulder feeling ten times better within a few minutes. Definitely a 10/10 for the Muscle Gel. Currently selling for a whopping $40 on Amazon. Once again, I ain’t mad.

Now, the Pier One display plate (what do you call this). Anyways. It’s super cute. Love the gold accents. Seems well made and is totally versatile. A place to set your jewelry, a bar of soap and maybe even a glass. The possibilities are many! Pier 1 display plate: 10/10. Oh, time for a shameless self endorsement. I will have a similar item that you can get customized with your name in my Etsy shop this July. Prepare yourselves. 🍓

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow. Not a lot to say here. Super great quality. Has not one, but two mirrors when you flip open the flaps and the colors inside are perfect for contouring my skin tone. Could even do some neutral eyeshadow. Tarteist Pro Glo? 10/10

Maji Sports Resistance Band: 10/10 It would be hard to go wrong with this one, honestly. It’s well made and would be great for a little resistance work while sitting at your desk.

YumiKim Cosmetic Bag: 10/10. I love this cosmetic bag. The print is cute and vibrant. It’s a great size. And there’s a lot of pockets. A big space at the bottom and a second opening at the top for makeup brushes and things. There was even a promo card for future shopping (though you have to spend $200. Yikes, but it’s something, so not too much complaint there).

Last. But not least (sort of). An eco-friendly WCS Straw. Can’t say this one didn’t pull at my Millennial-environmentally-contentious heart strings. NPR has me feeling that guilt early this week. So, I thought it was a cool little include. The straw (single-use?): 10/10.

In conclusion, if you have the money and want a fun quarterly subscription box with stuff you can actually use? Go for it! I’m excited to use all the products!

And of course you can use my link for a discount. For everyone I refer I get $15 and they get $10 off.

Enjoy, Sweeties!

FabFitFun $10 Off

5 (Simple) Tips for Successful Embroidery

Embroidery doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here are five (simple) steps to help your embroidery shine!

  1. IronThis might seem obvious, but this is definitely the most important embroidery prep you can do.  Skip this step and what might have been a flawless embroidery design becomes a beautiful embroidery design with distracting wrinkles or creases.  Not to mention, that stitches might not end up where intended.


    Even the most beautiful designs can suffer when the fabric isn’t pressed beforehand.

  2. Label Your Thread.  Right away!  There are lots of ways to do this, but if you purchased a variety thread set online you’ll find that once you put the thread on the spool rod the label is gone; a hole punched right through the middle!  I have found that what works best for me is grabbing a sharpie and labeling the top.  An Exacto knife is also a great tool for making a small slice through the base that you can use to keep your thread from unraveling.  See below. 

  3. Use the Correct Stabilizer. 
    • Tearaway – Tearaway are just like the name implies, they are temporary and easily torn away when embroidery is done.  This is most often the choice for embroiders using a stable fabric, like towels (see Solvy), scarves and basic woven fabrics.
    • Cutaway – Cutaway are permanent stabilizers that should be used when you need your fabric to stay stretch resistant and keep stabilizing the fabric through washing and wear, like on sweatshirts and polo shirts.
    • Peel & Stick – Generally for hoop-less embroidery or areas hard to hoop, like on collars and shirt cuffs.
    • Poly Mesh – Great for more elegant fabrics or combined with a cutaway for extra stability when embroidery polo shirts or like fabrics.
    • Cap Backing – A heavy stabilizer that tears cleanly to help maintain crisp lettering/small artwork in cap designs.
    • Water Soluble/Solvy – Solvy generally sits atop your fabric.  It can be used as a design template, a pattern guide, and as stitch support.  The best part, is it dissolves and disappears when soaked in water!  It’s great for embroidering towels and other fabrics where you don’t want to lose the stitching in the texture of the fabric.
  4. Use Spray Adhesive.  Temporary spray adhesive is a must for keeping your fabric and stabilizer together.  Slack between your stabilizer and fabric can cause stitches to land out-of-place and just generally cause you heartache.
  5. Listen & Learn.  Who doesn’t want to be able to walk away from their embroidery machine and get some other tasks done?  Then I recommend that you become attuned to the many sounds of your machine.  What does your machine sound like when: everything is running smoothly, your thread has become frayed or when it’s time to check the threading?  Knowing what each of these situations sound like is crucial to being able to walk away from your machine and come back to some awesome stitching!

Hope this helps!  Stay tuned for my next post that’s all about keeping your project space organized.  In the meantime, be sure to comment, subscribe and visit  Happy stitching, Sweeties!